Official list of MR2s in the Media

This is a list of movies, shows, commercials, etc that have MR2's spotted in them. I have not 'verified' these sightings, so for all I know they are as real as Elvis sightings! If you want to add a sighting to this list, e-mail me at the bottom of this page. Please let me know about any errors or repeats on this page.

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1. "Silk Stalkings" TV show on the USA net work shows the top view of a red MKII during opening credits. Also there is frequently a 87 gold MR2 sitting in various parking lots during different scenes. I have also seen a red 85 on the show too. The gold one is in at least 5 episodes.  
2. Red MKII MR2 (probably 1991) has appeared in many of the episodes of Superman: The Adventures of Louis and Clark on ABC.  
3. "ER" - There was a red mk1 in a parking space in one episode. The scence took place in their parking garage. The mk1 could be seen in the back ground.  
4. "Melrose Place" The opening credits of TV show. You have to be very sharp as they only show the teardrop wheels of the AW11.  
5. In one of the reruns of in the heat of the night there was a scene at the end of the show where they were in front of a court and there was a blue MKII turbo (i think) in the distance.  
6. There was a red Mk2 in an episode of Psi Factor. Parked by the curb, it was extremely visible..  
7. In the early episodes of Miami Vice, the female detectives drove a white MK1.  

8. "Moment of Impact" Fox special on bad driving. In one of the clips from England a truck jack-knifes and 50 cars slammed into it, in the front of the pack (luckily untouched) was a white MKI.

9. COPS (I think in Las Vegas?), I spotted a white MkII NA. The cop was turning right at an intersection, the MR2 was going the opposite way  
10. "The Very Best of the World's Worst Drivers" The first MR2 sighting was what must have been a supercharged (judging by the speed) MkI (red) outrunning the police in the UK. He was basically outrunning even the helicopter that was following him but he came up on slower traffic and bolted into the oncoming traffic lane where guess what? There was oncoming traffic! Shortly after the T-bone, a couple of police motorcycles pulled up (he was outrunning them too!) The second sighting was a white MkI (again in the UK I think) that was beeing smoke screened by some bonehead who put diesel is his gasoline powered Rabbit.  
11. America's Funniest Videos, there was a clip call "virtual racing". A car road racing with an onboard camera crests a hill, goes underneath a bridge, and slows for a right hand turn. Just ahead of it is a red Mk-I MR2! Unfortunately, the rear of the MR2 comes loose, the MR2 spins, and the car with the camera hits it head on!  
12. Alien UFO special on the Discovery Channel. The episode was called UFO's "Down To Earth" 3/4 of the way thru the show a 91+mK11 passed by the screen while they where showing a down town shot. The MR2 passed by the screen for just a second  
13. "Shrink Wrapped Classics"(?) in which they are asking people what cars they would "shrink wrap" and store as future classics and why...One fellow (British) with a large car collection mentions the MkII but he only has a red MkI in his collection and says some really nice thinks about the MR2.  
14. "Ray Bradbury Theatre". An episode entitled "Zero Hour". The gentleman comes home from work and is driving a yellow MK2 with t-tops out no less.  
15 "Sienfeld", the one where Elaine is seeing the sofa delivery man, just before Poppy pee's on Jerrys new sofa!  
16. Worlds most dangerous police chases- Red MkII Turbo outruns cops in UK. Police helicopter couldnt keep up with it(don't think this is the same as #19).  
17. "MTV Road Rules" in New Zealand. They were sitting in a cafe when a black MKII driving away from the cafe.  
18. "America's Most Wanted", scene was in Las Vegas, casino parking lot, White MKI.  
19. "American Hodrodder" on SpeedVision Near the end they interview Team Kosoku Racing and there was a quick shot of a MkII with body kit, clear corners, etc.  
20. "A Different World" (a syndicated tv now)- Dwayne and Whitley are on their honeymoon in L.A. when, on their first stop, they stumbled upon a red mk I during their sightseeing trip.  
21. "Cornation Street" there is a shot of a red MKI with t-tops on the last episode (Canadian) of Cornation Street. Nick just picked it up because ihis Mom said it was is a great deal.  
22. "Law & Order Episode" ~"Everybody's favorite Bagman"
Original series pilot - Air date Tuesday 10/30/1990 Detectives Greevey and Logan are arresting a perp outside the lobby of his building. As they are talking to the perp before he is arrested, there is a red MKI parked across the street.
23. "Sex Lives of the Potato Men" A British Comedy ~ After about an hour in they are driving down a street in the potato van and there is a red mk 1 on the right hand side parked.  
24. "Faking It" There is an episode of the show, the UK Version, which still airs here in the States. On this particular episode, they are trying to convert a priest to become a car salesman, and during the whole epidose there are several MK1s on the lot, and the only sales the priest actually makes, is the sale of a dark second generation MR2  

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