Official list of MR2s in the Media

This is a list of movies, shows, commercials, etc that have MR2's spotted in them. I have not 'verified' these sightings, so for all I know they are as real as Elvis sightings! If you want to add a sighting to this list, e-mail me at the bottom of this page. Please let me know about any errors or repeats on this page.

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1. The Halvoline commercial where four dark red (not crimson) MKII's are dragging at the black rock desert. 
2. MR2 Ad.
3. Japanese MR2 Ad.
4. "One Call, That's All" - lawyer commercials. This particular one starts out with a woman with big... well... anyway, she's wearing a blue shirt. Later in the commercial, a guy is talking about how he got his check and a red 87+ MKI is in the junkyard behind him.  
5. "Getaway" - Commercial in the UK for a videogame called The Getaway. There was a real red MKI trying to make its getaway in the commercial. It smacked into another car while trying to get away but it was still cool as hell.  
6. One commercial for the Mini has a yellow MKII.  

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