Official list of MR2s in the Media

This is a list of movies, shows, commercials, etc that have MR2's spotted in them. I have not 'verified' these sightings, so for all I know they are as real as Elvis sightings! If you want to add a sighting to this list, e-mail me at the bottom of this page. Please let me know about any errors or repeats on this page.

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1. Bobby Dall of Poison sits atop a red Mk-I in a picture in the liner notes for the Poison album, "Open Up and Say.... Ah!"  
2. Rapper Busta Rhyme's video has a whit MKI in the background. It can be seen the part when the people are in a foot chaseand they are running on the top of the cars (luckily, the mr2 is not stepped on).  
3. Kid Rock's video "bawidaba" There is an overhead shot of a dirty MKII hardtop.  


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