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My dream of building a trunk-mounted intercooler is finally being realized. It's my design, but I am not the creator. The fabricator of this beast is Jeff Herstine, my friend, my mechanic, the man behind the beating of Hyde's heart. Within a week or so of this page being created (Aug 10, 2005), the heart that Mr. Herstine built will be tuned to hum by Bryan "NoShoes" Moore ... and we will see where this path has lead. I suspect we may finally reach 400 horsepower at the wheels!

The first purchase was the actual intercooler core. It's 24" X 12" X 4" unit  and it cost $185 + shipping.



From there I bought 3" aluminum intercooler pipes in straight lengths, 90s and 45 degree bends. These ran about $15 each. We used a total of four 90's, one 45 and two straight 24" pieces (About $105 + ship).



The red silicone hose connectors were supplied The constant-tension worm drive clamps were bought from McMaster's for about $6/each (total of 20 for about $120).


I also bought a Subaru hood scoop for $22 on eBay that will be used for venting the air out of the trunk:



I also purchased a 90 mm Q45 Infiniti throttle-body on eBay for about $100:



From a member of the MR2 Board ( I bought a Ross Machine Racing intake manifold. What we were shooting for was this set up:



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