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Trunk-Mounted Intercooler Build-Up


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The OEM BPV valve was mounted onto the end tank of the intercooler:


A shroud was fabricated to scoop air from underneath the car:

The scoop from the inside:


The rear honeycomb between the taillights was cut out to allow air to leave the trunk:

90 mm Infiniti Q45 throttle body all hooked up with 
Turbohoses silicone and some constant-tension worm-drive clamps:


Idle control valve was relocated, another view of the BPV and one of the SPAL fans can be seen here:


Hydra Nemesis EMS and the Aquamist water injection and relays can be seen here:


.... and the final set up looks like this:


With the GReddy side-mounted intercooler we would see intake temps (in the intake manifold) over 150 degrees at the end of a drag race. With this set up we just pass 93 degrees on an 80 degree day!

All of this work resulted in 440 rwhp @ 22 psi and 424 rwhp @ 20 psi. This was up from the previous 384 rwhp @ 20 psi with the GReddy side-mounted intercooler. That's a 40 rwhp gain from the intercooler & throttle body!

The final 20 psi and 22 psi dynoes are here:


This is the 20 psi dyno overlaid with the 20 psi graph with the GReddy intercooler:



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