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Trunk-Mounted Intercooler Build-Up


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We made a lot of progress last night. I went up to my mechanics place and brought along a thin sheet of aluminum. I traced the thin shroud that surrounds the GReddy intercooler on the aluminum and cut it out and drilled the appropriate holes for mounting.

While I was doing that, Jeff (my mechanic) cut out a section of the black rubber lining of the passenger side OEM intake scoop. This will allow air coming into the scoop to flow into the trunk instead of the engine bay.

You can see what he cut out here. Notice that it naturally flows into the trunk through the quarter panel:


After he was done I installed the piece I made to block the air from getting into the engine bay and forcing it back into the trunk:

You can see from the outside the direction the air will now go:

We also had out first chance to mount up all of the piping with the new throttle body and intake manifold:

You might notice that the IC pipe going into the TB comes through the firewall right where the fuse box and coolant neck are. They had to be shortened to accommodate this change:

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