2004 Race Schedule

All races are in Hyde, unless otherwise noted.
Past Results: 2006 2005 2004




May 1 & 2 NHRA Nationals Englishtown, NJ Finished 4th
Qualified 4th
May 15 & 16 NHRA Nationals
Atco, NJ
Finished 4th
Qualified 5th
Jun 6 SCCA Solo II
Schuylkill County
Finished 1st
Jun 12 SCCA Solo II
Nazareth Speedway
Finished 4th
Jun 26 & 27 SCCA Solo I
Pagoda Hill Climb
Finished 2nd
July 4 Summer Slam
Englishtown, NJ
Finished 2nd
Qualified 5th
July 23

Kingston, Canada.
Jekyl at Fabi Circuit

July 31/Aug 1 NOPI Nationals
Maple Grove
Finished 6th
Qualified 12th
Aug 21 & 22 SCCA Solo I
Duryea Hill Climb
Finished 2nd
Aug 28 & 29 Nopi Nationals
Atco Raceway
Finished 10th
Qualified 14th
Sept 18 & 19 SCCA Solo I
Weatherly Hill Climb
Finished 1st
Set Hill Record
Sept 25 IDRC Nationals
Maple Grove
Finished 3rd
Qualified 3rd
Oct 2 & 3 NHRA Nationals
Englishtown, NJ
Finished 4th
Qualified 5th

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The Story of
Jekyl & Hyde Racing

Click here to see Hyde's Racing history

In November of 2001 I purchased a 1991 turbo MR2 that was to be transformed into performance monster. Seeing as how I already had a normally aspirated MR2 from the same year, I thought it would be appropriate to give these cars an identity.

They were a pair, Beauty and the Beast, a right hand for the left, a black and a white, a pair of aces, matching socks, best friends, two peas in a pod, ketchup and mustard, peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, the crook and the cop, two brothers, two Twos ...

... the doctor and the patient ...

... they were Jekyl and Hyde.

Okay, I'll be honest. I was trying to give myself a new identity in the MR2 community. I was going out of my way to forget my terrible college years when I worked part-time as a crash-test dummy and air bag safety checker for the MR2 world.

Okay, honesty check number two. Let's face it. My weak ego just needed a new way to get attention.

Fine already, the real truth is I was hoping chicks would dig it.

At any rate, Jekyl is the nice car to go out in and Hyde is the race car.

Jekyl I use to take a great date out. Hyde I use to take a bad date home faster.