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Those that have Driven/Raced Jekyl

What can I say? Jekyl gets around. Over the years many people have taken the wheel of Jekyl to see what the car could do. Some have enjoyed pushing Jekyl on the street while others have had the chance to hillclimb, autocross or even take him out onto a road course and let loose.

Here are just a few of those that have experienced Jekyl and have managed to get caught in the act by a camera:




Jeff Fazio



Myself, Jeff Fazio

a.k.a. JekylandHyde

Ardell Simon

a.k.a. Jek's Mom

Adam McCourt

a.k.a. Ward Spose

Bill Strong

a.k.a. Bill Strong

Scott Barton

a.k.a. sab0276


David Hawkins

a.k.a. David Hawkins

Kevin Tulay

a.k.a. kupop


Mark Shellhamer

a.k.a. mshellhamer




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