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Hyde in the videogame Forza2

The racing videogame Forza2 allows users to modify cars, from performance items to paint jobs. Jonathon Brady (Jon91turbo on MR2OC.com) took the time to modify the Toyota MR2 in the game to have modifications as similar to Hyde as the game will allow and he also painstakingly drew Hyde's 2007 vinyl package - one letter at a time! Even more impressive is that Jon has agreed to share his work with other racers. THANKS JON!


If you have the new XBOX 360 and the game Forza2, you can download Hyde's skin (a file named Hyde.z36) by right clicking and saving to your computer: HERE


Once you have the file you will need a transfer cable to get the file from your computer to your XBOX's memory card.


Here are some images of Hyde in the game:













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