Jekyl Hyde Racing Sponsors


$1,000+ per year
Jeff Fazio

$500 ~ $999 per year

Ardell & Robert Simon

$100 ~ $499 per year

Spiral Moons
Bryan "NoShoes" Moore Sandra (Sandra)
& Joel (not12listen)
Heidi Nolen  

$50 ~ $99 per year or pay 1 entry fee

Buy me a tank of gas or $20/year

Questions, comments and criticisms can be directed to: Jeff


Want to join a winning team?
Why not sponsor Jekyl Hyde Racing?

Racing, especially on the level that Jekyl Hyde Racing has been, is a team effort. It takes a lot of capitol, parts and services to keep a race car out in front of the fans. And it takes even more to keep that car a winner.

Hyde and his success, are the result of the concerted efforts of many different people and businesses. Hyde is truly a community car with many custom-made and orignally-designed parts from the top suppliers for the Toyota MR2.

If you are interested in being part of this winning team, please drop us a line.

We offer advertising space on this Web site and/or the actual race car. In the future, we may be looking at adding sponsors' names onto the enclosed trailer as well.

Please check out the 2005 Sponsors here.