Want to Sponsor Jekyl & Hyde?

In the event that you stumbled on my site and ...

... have the kind of cash to seriously invest in a race team

... understand the potenial I have (especially with your money)

... or just really have a dying need to see your name (or your companies name) on the side of a race car.

Please e-mail or paypal me at: jmf191@verizon.net

In the event that you stumbled on my site and ...

... are a normal working adult, that enjoys contributing to society and you feel like sponsoring a car, you can do this for less than the price of a cup of coffee. For a mere $.50 a day, you could be part of something special. Your $15 a month would not only keep these cars from starving, but you could check this site for updates to follow the growth of your sponsored car. Imagine the joy you would have sharing with your friends that your donations are caring for the life of a beautiful car. Sponsor a car today.

In the event you stumbled on my site and ...

... are a poor working, college student. Do something good with your money. Stop drinking, quit smoking, sell you books back and buy me some new race tires for Hyde. I'll gladly send you photos of the tires you bought going up in a smokey burnout.

Questions, comments and criticisms can be directed to: Jeff


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