Prostitue kills 
MR2 owner for car

Date: November 25, 2002

A teenage prostitute is on trial for helping to murder an Auckland man and stuffing his body in the boot of a car.

The girl was just 14 when she and two others allegedly killed Nicholas Devliotis during a drug-taking binge.

Crown prosecutor Kieran Raftery said Devliotis ultimately lost his life for a car - a Toyota MR2.

"It's as simple, as sordid and as sad as that," Raftery said.

Devliotis was found in April, bound and gagged and stuffed into the boot of his prized vehicle in an Auckland parking lot.

The Crown alleges the female prostitute, now aged 15, Stacey Davey, 24, were roped into the murder by Devliotis' former girlfriend, who also worked at a Karangahape Road sex parlour. She has already pleaded guilty to the killing.

Raftery claims she believed the car was rightfully hers in return for sexual services rendered to Devliotis. But the Crown argues the trio went too far, luring Devliotis to a beach where they all took drugs.

The Crown says they set out to give Devliotis a fairly savage beating and by stuffing him in the boot when he was close to death any life left in him was extinguished by being trussed up.

Several members of the jury winced and others held their hands to their mouths as the Crown took them through graphic photos of Devliotis bound and gagged in the boot of his car.

The youngest accused was also visibly upset and wept silently in the dock.



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