Single windshield wiper mod

By Todd a.k.a. toddc

This modification will allow you use the OEM passenger side wiper to fully wipe the entire windshield and store in the stock location when not in use. This is a fairly easy mod to perform that will take about 1 hour using basic tools.

Reminder - what you do to your car is your business and I take no responsibility for any work that is performed from following, or not following these directions.


1. Remove the black plastic caps at the base of each wiper arm and remove the 12mm nut holding the arm to the swivel assy. Remove arms and discard the drivers side (left side of car), we won't be using it again.


2. Remove the two outer plastic caps on the black wiper cowl; remove the 11 screws and then lift off the cowl.


3. On the passenger side pivot assy., you will see that there are two tie-bars that are attached to the pivot arm. Remove the two retaining screws; one will be facing up, the other down. You may need to use a right angle Phillips screwdriver or a pair of pliers to get them loose, as the area is fairly cramped to work in. Now, using a flat head screwdriver, carefully pop off both Teflon swivel joints from the arm.


4. Now you can remove the 3 10mm bolts that hold the drivers side pivot assy. to the body and remove the whole assy./tie-bar from the car. You can also discard this piece; we won't be using it again.


5. Remove the 3 10mm bolts that hold the passenger side pivot assy. to the car and remove it also.


6. We will now perform the mod to the pivot arm that will increase the range of motion of the passenger side wiper from 90 degrees to about 145 degrees, which will allow coverage of the entire window.


7. Using a die grinder, grind the mushroom on the backside of the larger swivel ball, flush with the arm. Use a punch to pop the ball from the arm, being careful not to damage the ball.


8. Carefully measure exactly 9/16" from the center of the existing hole toward the wiper arm attachment stud, and center punch a mark. It is extremely important that this measurement be precise and exactly centered on the arm, for the wiper to function properly.


9. Drill a 5/16" hole through the arm. You may want to start out with a smaller pilot hole.


10. Press the ball into the new hole; making sure it is on the opposite side of the other ball. You may have to do some filing/fitting to ensure it seats fully onto the arm. Tack weld the backside of the ball, to prevent it from moving or coming loose from the arm.


11. The pivot assy. can now be reinstalled back into the car. Reattach the tie-bar from the wiper motor and install the retaining screw.


12. At this point, you can temporarily install the passenger wiper on the car at its normal resting position, turn on the wiper and verify it is operating properly and not binding up anywhere.


13. If everything looks good, you can reinstall the wiper cowl and permanently attach the wiper arm. You can fine-tune the resting position of the wiper by moving the arm left and right on the splined stud and than finally attaching the 12mm nut and the plastic cap.


14. Enjoy your new single wiper!

Questions, comments and criticisms can be directed to: Jeff