Racing death investigated

Source: Union Tribune
Date: 1998/11/10

San Diego, CA - Racing death investigated

ESCONDIDO -- Police are investigating the street-racing death of an
Escondido man Friday night, and have yet to decide if the 16-year-old
driver of the car in which the victim was a passenger should be charged.

Escondido police Officer Don Shumate said there are many unanswered
questions in the death of Reuben Ayon, 24.

Witnesses told police the driver of a Ford Mustang and the driver of a
white Honda Civic were racing westbound about 8 p.m. on El Norte Parkway
west of Interstate 15 at about 80 mph when the Mustang glanced off a pickup
truck and flipped several times, landing on its roof. Ayon, who was
crushed, died almost instantly, authorities said.

Shumate said the race was not an organized drag race. The driver of the
Honda drove off after the accident and had not been found.

Neither the Mustang's driver nor the driver of the pickup was seriously
injured, authorities said.



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