Two men face murder 
charge after fatal street race

Source: KFMB


Two men involved in a street race last October that ended with the deaths of two teens in another vehicle were ordered to stand trial on charges of second-degree murder.

George Waller Jr., 32, and Lawrence Calhoun, 29, could get 30 years to life in prison if convicted for the deaths of Shanna Jump and her boyfriend, Brian Hanson, both 19.

After a daylong preliminary hearing, Judge Frederic Link ruled yesterday that both men should be held to answer murder charges under the implied malice theory.

"These gentlemen knew what a speeding car can do," the judge said.

He said both defendants should also go to trial on the lesser charges of gross vehicular manslaughter.

Additionally, Waller and Calhoun are charged with misdemeanor reckless driving for causing critical brain injuries to Hanson's 17-year-old brother, who was in the back seat of Jump's car, and facial injuries to Waller's passenger, Jason Moore.

The defendants will be back in court February 18 for arraignment in Superior Court and to get a trial date.

Deputy District Attorney Blaine Bowman defended his office's decision to charge Waller and Calhoun with murder.

"This is a dangerous activity they both engaged in," the prosecutor said. "The outcome was foreseeable."

Jonathan Spooner testified that he was driving home about 7 p.m. last October 6, and preparing to turn left from Imperial Avenue on to Viewcrest Drive, when he saw two cars accelerating toward him. One had its headlights on, one did not, he said.

"I just heard the sound of two engines," Spooner testified. "I could tell they were gaining speed."

Spooner, 21, said he "stepped on it" to turn left in front of the oncoming cars, then looked in his rear view mirror and saw Waller's '68 Barracuda, with its lights off, smash into the Geo Storm that Jump was driving.

"It (Waller's car) had to be going 100 mph," the witness said.



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