Two teenagers burned when 
cars crash after freeway race

Source: Union Tribune

Date: 2000/07/21


Long Beach, CA - Police: Two teenagers burned when cars crash after freeway race.

LONG BEACH An apparent freeway street race ended in a fiery crash Monday that badly burned two Long Beach teenagers, authorities said.

The two teens, ages 14 and 19, suffered burns over 80 percent of their bodies after the truck they were in was hit by one of two racing cars.

The two cars were weaving through traffic at speeds reaching 90 miles per hour when both went out of control and one slammed into the truck, said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Javier Dominguez.

The speeding drivers will face criminal charges, police said. Their names were not immediately released.

The teens, whose names were not released, were taken to a hospital.



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