2 die when street racers collide

Source: MSNBC
Date: 2000/06/26

Witnesses said that a BMW 2000 station wagon and a Honda Civic were driving at high speeds on eastbound State Route 52 when they bumped each other near Convoy Street. Both cars went out of control and crashed. The driver and passenger in the BMW were ejected from the car. Both men died. The driver of the Honda escaped with minor injuries. Both cars were totaled.

Investigators said alcohol did not play a part in the accident, but excessive speed and reckless driving did. "One of the passengers said he had the speedometer at 110 miles per hour. Citizens report they were racing, and at one point just in the curve here, both vehicles lost control, causing both vehicles to roll over at that high rate of speed," California Highway Patrol Sgt. Matt Guthrie said.. "Obviously street racing is illegal and very dangerous at 110 miles per hour on a freeway full of people."

Authorities have not released the names of the victims, but at least one of the dead men was a Marine stationed in the San Diego area, they said.

At third car drove over the debris right after the accident, investigators said. The car's tires were flattened, but no one in the car was injured, they said.



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