High-Speed Crash Kills Man

Source: MSNBC
Author: Staff
Date: 2002/06/20

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., 10:43 a.m. EDT June 20, 2002 - A single-car crash killed one man near Baldwin before dawn Thursday.

Police say the car was traveling very fast when it smashed into a light pole on Otis Road. The pole broke apart, and the car was sliced in half.

Police on the scene believe the driver -- 23-year-old Chad Bennett of Orange Park -- may have been racing because they estimate the car was traveling close to 100 mph when he hit a ditch, then flew into the utility pole.

There was no evidence of alcohol in the car.

That downed power pole caused some outages in electrical service in Baldwin, but the JEA was working to restore power within an hour of the crash.



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