Drag Race Turns Deadly: Driver Expected To Face Charges

Source: Local 4

Author: Staff

Date: 2002/05/20

WARREN-- A driver injured in a drag race that turned deadly is expected to face charges Monday.

The drivers in a red Honda Civic and gold Honda Accord were drag racing down Schoenherr, near Eight Mile Road, about 5 p.m. Sunday when a Cadillac carrying a family came into their paths, Local 4 reported.

Witness Ron Koebler said that the Honda Civic and Honda Accord were racing at about 100 mph when the Cadillac pulled out. He said that the Honda Civic hit the Cadillac and spun it around into the Honda Accord, and the Honda Accord struck a telephone pole.

The 19-year-old man who was driving the Honda Accord was pronounced dead at the scene. Occupants of the other cars were taken to the hospital, including a 5-year-old child.

Neighbors said that they have seen the driver of the Honda Civic drag race before. Police plan to arrest him when he is released from the hospital, Local 4 reported.



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