Drag-Racing Son Kills Mom In Crash; Mother Driving Different Car

Source: www.newschannel2000.com
Date: 2001/12/19

DONA VISTA, Fla. -- A woman and her friend were killed in Lake County Wednesday night when the car they were riding in was rear-ended by a car driven by the woman's own son.

Diane Samples, 45, and her passenger, Vivien Green, 72, were killed instantly.

Investigators said that Samples was Green's caregiver and had taken her along Highway 19 to see the Christmas lights.

Witnesses said that they saw two cars racing down Highway 19 at around 100 mph. The skid marks on the road showed where Dwight Samples tried to stop, but then slammed into the car in front of him, which held his mother and Green.

Dwight Samples was seriously injured, but he stumbled out of his car and recognized his mother in the wreckage.

"He was told that his mom was unconscious, and he called his dad on the cell phone and told his dad that mom wouldn't wake up, to please hurry," friend Wendy Wilbanks said.

But state troopers said that both women were already dead.

"He would never hurt his mom on purpose. This is going to kill him," Wilbanks said.

Samples is still in serious condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Police said that he would be charged when he leaves the hospital. He faces possible charges of vehicular homicide in the deaths of both women.



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