Alpharetta teen killed in high-speed crash ; Man charged with manslaughter, DUI after racing



Date: 2000/12/13


An Alpharetta man is being charged with first-degree vehicular manslaughter after a Dec. 9 wreck on Mid Broadwell Road that killed his 19-year-old friend Eric Mills.

John Shumberger, 24, is set to appear in court Feb. 13 for his involvement in the accident. Schumberger and Mills were reportedly racing each other and had just passed Bethany Road heading westbound, when both drivers lost control and careened off the road at a high rate of speed. Both cars struck trees, but Mills’ 1988 Honda Accord hit one head-on, causing extreme damage.

Mills was pronounced dead at North Fulton Regional Hospital shortly after the 1:30 a.m. accident. Shumberger, who was driving a 2000 Ford Escort, was treated and released. He is also being charged with DUI and racing.

Neither driver was wearing a seat belt, police said.

"They were both driving well above the posted speed limit,” said Lt. Ed Densmore. "It appears Mills was trying to pass Shumberger and went into the opposing lane of traffic.”

It is unknown where the two were drinking before the incident occurred. Almost a year ago, Alpharetta put a law in place requiring everyone in the city, regardless of age, to show identification before purchasing alcohol. Although the city has observed a decrease in the number of sales to minors, teens are still found driving under the influence.

"It is terribly unfortunate,” said Alpharetta City Councilman Arthur Letchas. "We are trying to prevent those things from happening. It just makes you sick.”

Shumberger was released Saturday on an $11,000 bond.




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