Two dead, 2 critically injured in Kirkland street race accident

Source: komo100NEWS
Author: Stacy James
Date: 2000/01/16

KIRKLAND - A 16-year-old girl died early Tuesday morning, and two others were clinging to life, after a street race ended in a horrific crash in Kirkland.

Officers say the drivers of a blue Mitsubishi with white racing stripes, and a red convertible Mustang are to blame for the accident on Northeast 124th Street just after 4:30 p.m. Monday.

An 18-year-old Redmond man and a 16-year-old Kirkland girl, were racing eastbound on 124th, Kirkland Police Lt. Bill Hamilton told KOMO 4 News.

In the 11000 block, the man's Mitsubishi allegedly cut in front of the girl's Mustang, clipping her car. They both lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic.

That's when the Mustang slammed into a Dodge sedan. The innocent driver trapped in the middle was an 87-year-old man.

He was driving a car so old, it only had lap seat belts.

He, along with the two people in the Mitsubishi, were airlifted to the hospital.

"And this poor gentleman in the Dodge was simply driving down the road, and the actions of the two drivers were just dumb and the gentleman is in the hospital because of it," said a police officer.

Both the 18-year-old boy and the 16-year-old girl were arrested and could face vehicular homicide charges.

A Harborview Medical Center Nursing Supervisor said the elderly man was in critical condition and the 18-year-old driver remained in serious condition. The 16-year-old who died, was a passenger in the young man's Mitsubishi.




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