(photo by Mark Hulbrock a.k.a. blurvision)





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Many more photographs and videos of Jekyl and Hyde can be seen on their pages.


Photo of Jekyl and Hyde together:

Sitting together at the Bear Mountain Rally 2002


Photographs of my first Turbo - White 91

View over a lake

Overlooking the City of Reading

Night over a lake

Dramatic sunset

Wrecked on the cover of Super Street

Page 1 of Super Street Article (features my 91T and my 93T)

Page 2 of Super Street Article


Photographs of my First NA - Blue 91

Awesome photo with ice background

After if was painted Black


Pictures of my Second Turbo - Teal 93


Sitting Pretty


Pictures of my Third Turbo MR2 - Black 91

Drag Racing at Maple Grove

Staging at Maple Grove

Entering the track at Maple Grove

Staging lanes at Maple Grove

Autocrossing (a little oversteer)

Autcrossing 2

Cool custom interior

Wrecked #1  Wrecked #2

Attempted to pass a very large farm grain dump truck on a back road using the oncoming lane. Unfortunately he made an unsignaled left and I t-boned him at speed.



Pictures of my Custom Painted 1986 MR2 (my first MR2)

Photo with the cows

Sunset photo in Daytona

In original stock form #1

In original stock form #2

Photo of the B/W crazy MKI with my Black MKII






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Photo Albums

Hyde @ NHRA Englishtown
Spring 2005

Hyde's new look
for 2005

Kingston, Canada
2004 MR2 Meet

MTV Party @
Rado's Shop

'04 Blue Marsh

'04 NOPI @
Maple Grove

rarh's (Danny) GReddy install images