Source: MR2 Mailing List Archives

Accident in Colorado involving an MR2. A 17 year old woman, Amanda Kordus, driving an mr2 was weaving in and out of rush hour traffic and eventually struck the rear of another car sending it over the divider and into an oncoming car. People in both cars received only minor injuries. The MR2 continued on, however, and eventually crossed the center line and collided with an oncoming SUV. The SUV ended up in a ditch, but the driver and two children were all OK. Unfortunately, Ms. Kordus (who was not wearing a seat belt) was pronounced dead at the scene. There was no indication of why she was driving as she was. The paper identified the car as a black MR2, but didn't give the year. So, despite the reports of people totalling their MR2s and walking away with scratches (and burns from the airbag), this certainly isn't always the case.