So you want to go
Hill Climb Racing?

What you and your MR2 will need:
Manufacture dates matter on some equipment!


1. Snell 2000 or SA2000 (or newer) helmet
2. Either: 2-layer race suit OR 1-layer race suit and nomex underwear
3. Fire-resistance race gloves
4. Fire-resistance race shoes
5. Nomex socks ~ I recommend getting 2 pair since the events are 2 days and you will sweat!



1. 4-point roll bar ~ the "SCCA approved RACE BAR"
2. 5-point harness
3. Arm Restraints ~ if you have a T-top car
4. Fire extinguisher ~ all metal, no plastic
5. Vehicle must pass safety tech inspection


Questions, comments and criticisms can be directed to: Jeffrey Fazio