This page features a variety of Toyota MR2s that have custom paint jobs. Please feel free to submit photos for this page.

 Graphically Painted Toyota MR2s


Red, White and Blue (back photo) Front Photo

Blue with White Stripes

Black with Blue and Silver Graphics

Silver with Black and Red Graphics

Orange with Checkers

TRD Red with White Graphics

BP Green and Yellow Another Shot

Orange Blitz

Yellow and Red Race Car

Red and Yellow

007 Black with thin Red and White Stripes

White with Red and Blue Graphics

White with Yellow and Green Graphics

Black with Orange and White Stripes

Black and Orange

Yellow with White Flames

Sard Race Car Red, Green and White

Veilside Yellow and Green

Red with Mobil Graphics

Yellow with Graphic

Black with Cyan Wing Graphics

Two-Tone Blue and Silver

Chameleon Paint

Garage Fukui White/Yellow

White with Purple Graphic

White with Red Graphics

Blue Race Car with Graphics

Blue, Yellow and Green Race Car

Red with Silver and Red Graphics

Yellow with White Graphics

Police MR2

"Endless" Blue and White Race Car

"Endless" Green and White Race Car

Unique Green and White

White with Green and Black Stripes

Black with Yellow Graphics




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